Become a Stockist

Become a Stockist

Learn & Grow Toys Product Range on display in playroom with kids playing with the toys

What makes Learn & Grow Toys Unique?

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles and Tile Toppers are designed to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play.

Our magnetic tiles are perfect for building an imaginary, creative world.


Sets can be added to expand play opportunities and Learn & Grow Tiles and  Toppers are compatible
with all major magnetic tile brands. 


Learn & Grow Toys launched in 2020 and was the first Australian toy company to create and
produce magnetic ball runs which we launched in July 2020. 


Stronger Magnets

ABS Food Grade Plastic

Reinforced with Stronger Rivets

Non - Toxic Toys

Featuring robust magnets of superior strength, our tiles guarantee secure placement and longevity, allowing for bigger, more creative builds!

Hardened ABS plastic and an internal logo helps to create a flat and more scratch resistant tile and ensure a transparent surface.

Our design ensures that the internal magnets remain securely in place, fortifying the durability and lifespan of each tile.

Safety is at the heart of all our manufacturing and all our products are non-toxic and tested to international safety standards.

How to become a stockist?

If you would like to become a stockist please, submit new stockist application form and we will be in touch very soon. Once you submit the form, we will send you a friendly email with our Terms and Conditions.

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