Wholesale T&Cs – International

Wholesale T&C - International

Wholesale Agreement This agreement is made and given on the express understanding that the following terms and conditions apply.
Learn &Grow Toys (the seller’s) acceptance of any order is expressly made positional upon the customer (you) accepting of all terms and conditions contained herein and on the face of Learn &Grow Toys sales order acknowledgement. Learn & Grow Toys objects to any additional or different terms and conditions, whether contained in the customer’s forms or otherwise. Learn & Grow Toys will not be deemed to have waived these terms and conditions of sale if it fails to object to any provision contained in the customer’s forms or otherwise. The customer’s silence or its acceptance of Learn & Grow Toys goods constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Information:
  • They will purchase online via a wholesale login
  • Currently we can only accept payment in full at time of checkout
  • InternationalShipping will be calculated and invoiced separately
  • Full payment is required before order dispatch
  • Any duties/taxes are the responsibility of the buyer
  • Minimum spend is 1 carton of any product
  • Timeframes are approximate and cannot be guaranteed
Terms & Conditions: 1. All sales are subject to availability of merchandise. 2. All goods will be shipped at Customer’s expense unless otherwise specified on this order or authorized by a Learn & Grow Toys team representative. 3. Taxes and duties payable by Customer where applicable. 4. Customer is not to make alterations to the product unless written approval from Learn and Grow is obtained. 5. No claims are recognised after 7 days from delivery. 6. Return of any of the goods cannot be made by the Customer: a) Without prior written authorisation of the Seller, and b) Unless accompanied by the delivery docket showing the Seller’s authorisation reference number. 7. Legal and beneficial ownership of the Goods will not pass to the Customer until suchtime as the Goods have been paid in full in cash or cleared fund. Customer may not pre sell items until they havebeen paid in full. 8.By signing this you agree that you will not disclose the contents of our lookbook or branding. This isconfidential prior to our own new season launch. 9.Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Seller, Customer will not disclose the pricing or other termsof this Order to any third party. 10.All prices are in AUD. 11.Minimum: 1 carton of any product (wholesale) 12.Payment terms: a) In full online at time of order being placed b) If internationalShipping fee will be invoiced separately based on weight and location. c) Full upfront payment to Learn & Grow Toys prior to dispatch.d)Any bank charges to be covered by buyer. 13. Annual review period for wholesale accounts will be from 1st July to 30th June. 14. We kindly ask that you do not retail less than our RRP at any time and not have continual discounting of Learn and Grow Products.You are welcome to have a short launch sale but we request that you refrain from including Learn and Grow in ongoing sales and discounts. We ask that you do not offer Learn and Grow Products at more than a 15% discountat any time. 15. Learn & Grow Toys products cannot be further distributed by any other channel other than directlyvia the store platform per your application form. 16. To represent our brand effectively, you will be supplied with all Learn & Grow Toys imagery via adropbox link. Please contact a Learn & Grow Toys representative forapproval, if you would like to usedifferent/your own imagery.Please tag original photographers on all social media posts. 17. Please note the above terms and conditions are subject to change at Learn & Grow Toysdiscretion and your account may be deactivated should any of the above terms and conditions be inbreach. 18. We do not allow Group buys or Bulk discount purchases. 19. Learn and Grow toys cannot be on sold to other retailers. Please sign and return to confirm you have read and agree with above Terms & Conditions.

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