Wholesale Registration

Wholesale Registration

What makes Learn & Grow Toys Unique?

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles and Tile Toppers are designed to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play.

Our magnetic tiles are perfect for building an imaginary, creative world.

Sets can be added to expand play opportunities and Learn & Grow Tiles and Toppers are compatible
with all major magnetic tile brands. 

In July 2020, Learn & Grow Toys made waves as the first Australian toy company to introduce and manufacture magnetic ball runs with our unique clicking mechanism, setting the stage at the start for innovation and design.

We are the first ever Magnetic Tile company worldwide to design and manufacture our Tile Toppers!

Our patented world-first toppers are designed to attach to any 3″x3″ Magnetic Tile – they convert your regular Magnetic Tiles into Roads, Train Tracks, Numbers, Letters, Castles and more!


Constructed from FSC Certified Responsibly Sourced Timber & Patent Pending in over 60 Countries

Hand holding 2 yellow large square magnetic tiles in sun with leaf in between tiles
Birthday Cake made out of ABS Food Grade plastic learn and grow tiles
Hand holding yellow hexagon showing strong 24 magnets
Child playing with dome and geometry tile packs in a playroom

Stronger Magnets

ABS Food Grade Plastic

Reinforced with Stronger Rivets​

Non - Toxic Toys

Featuring robust magnets of superior strength, our tiles guarantee secure placement and longevity, allowing for bigger, more creative builds!

Hardened ABS plastic and an internal logo helps to create a flat and more scratch resistant tile and ensure a transparent surface.

Our design ensures that the internal magnets remain securely in place, fortifying the durability and lifespan of each tile.

Safety is at the heart of all our manufacturing and all our products are non-toxic and tested to international safety standards.

Learn and Grow Toys tile and topper range

Innovation is at the heart of all we do!

At Learn & Grow Toys we strive to create new and innovative toys that work seamlessly together.

On August 1st 2022, we unveiled 4 new packs to our ever growing magnetic tile family – 36 piece Geometric Set, 18 piece Dome set, 36 Piece Small Squares Pack and 2 Car Base Pack.

Our Dome Pack with it’s uniquely rounded triangular pieces that when joined side by side create a perfect half circle on a base built from two trapeziums.  The shape can be expanded to a full sphere or ball shape if desired.

The shapes allow endless build options with the dome pieces being able to be used individually or together.

Our Geometric pack which included hexagons, diamonds, large triangles and right-angled triangles made the perfect companion to our other tiles packs to enable flat or 3D structures that previously had not been possible.

World- First Tile Toppers

Our patented world-first toppers have revolutionised the  toy industry, captivating kids and adults alike with their ingenious, eco-conscious design and universal compatibility across all major magnetic tile brands.

Instead of introducing a standalone road pack, we innovated with a road topper that seamlessly clicks onto any 3×3 tile.

Expanding our range, we’ve introduced numeracy, animal puzzle, alphabet, train and castle packs, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play!

Three of our tile toppers were recently nominated the Spielwarenmesse 2024.

Spielwarenmesse 2024 - Magnetic tile topper nominee

Multi-Faceted Play!

In December 2023, we proudly announced our incredible Multi-Board!

The culmination of nearly 13 months of meticulous design and development, our Multi-Boards redefine the essence of magnetic play, elevating fun to unprecedented heights & levels!

Crafted from durable solid beech wood, our innovative frame boasts dual functionality. On one side, enjoy a UV-resistant, scratch-resistant whiteboard surface for easy erasing. Flip it over to reveal a high-permeability blackboard, perfect for magnetic play with superior strength and versatility.

Experience endless possibilities for multi-faceted fun!

Learn & Grow Toys Multi-Board being used outdoors on farm

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